Best Galleries in Dubai

As well as being one of the most important world hubs of business and trade Dubai also boasts a vibrant and thriving art scene with millions of artists from all over the world flocking the city for inspiration and a chance to display their work to the ever-growing base of art lovers and connoisseurs. It has in recent years truly become one of UAE’s foremost cultural capitals with constantly rising number of contemporary galleries. With so much wealth accumulated in Dubai there is an even greater number of art lovers looking to invest in works of art and variety of contemporary art galleries is ready to accept these investments and enthusiasm toward arts.

Mottahedan Projects is one of the galleries opened and funded by an art admirer and investor in 2011 and it is becoming more and more popular as the time goes by. What makes this gallery different from others is its unconventional approach to artists, their pieces and the very process of creation. Artists are allowed to exhibit their work in more alternative ways because they strongly believe that new approaches, those which are unconventional, are the ones to be supported in this modern era. They are truly trying to help young artists who are offering new points of view and extraordinary masterpieces.

Artspace is a gallery that opened in early 200’s. It is known for promoting contemporary Middle Eastern art and many of those who are considered to be world class buyers and experts when it comes to art, as well as politicians and collectors, are known to visit this gallery on regularly basis. They are narrowing the space between UAE’s art and world’s art by attending auctions around the world and collaborating with other art spaces around the globe.

Cuadro Fine Art Gallery is the perfect place for very young artists who want to get to know more about UAE’s contemporary artists and thrives. They offer their facilities to become a home for many creators who are looking for the place for a unique artist residence. They also organize numerous seminars and classes for beginners, as well as master classes for those who are already deep emerged in arts. Being placed at Dubai International Finance Center, it is also a perfect place for those who are willing to spend some more money on contemporary works of art.

Lawrie Shabibi is one  of the recently opened galleries, which quickly became recognized worldwide and started participating in art scene around the world, including USA and Turkey. They tend to attract young and innovative artists from the region and from entire African continent.

Meem Gallery was opened at the beginning of 2008. They are known for being brave enough to exhibit some works that are extremely explicit and innovative. Apart from exhibiting paintings they often host sculptors and photographs, with the emphasis on those photographers who are truly changing the world and raising the awareness with their work. One of their main goals is to introduce UAE’s and Middle Eastern contemporary art to European art scene and galleries and they have been very successful in doing it so far.

It is safe to say that every art lover and admirer will surely have a great time going through one of these amazing galleries. You might even catch a master class or two.