4 Great Reasons why Your Child Needs to Attend Pre-school

If you are in doubt whether to send your child to Dubai preschools, here is why it is necessary for your little one to attend a nursery:

Promotes Social Activity

The overall experience of nursery and interaction with other children their age better prepare your child for school. While granted, sending your child to a nursery is anything but cheap. Therefore, a majority of parents, especially working professionals, entrust grandparents with the brought-up of their toddler. After all it’s an under-utilized and free resource, not to mention one imbued with bucket loads of love. However, attending a nursery will better equip your child to thrive at school.

Messy Play

Messy play is one of the best elements of nursery, and one that you dread at home. After all, it’s someone else’s job to clean up after your kid. It’s not to say that your children don’t engage in messy play at home, as your walls with felt tips marks on them and stained carpets can vouch for that. However, kids are offered a wide array of messy play activities at nurseries than at home, such as glue, paint, sand, and water activities. Since children these days are easily bored until left to their own devices, messy play is a certain way to curb boredom.

Getting To Know Fellow Parents

You can reinforce your friendship with parents you meet at playgroups and playgrounds if you send your kids to the same nursery. Camaraderie amongst parents is really important, as it would give you a perfect outlet to vent out, discuss your concerns, and glean support from fellow peers. Particularly for a stay-at-home parent, parenting is not an easy nut to crack and you need social outlets to garner reassurance that there are others out there like you. You are immediately added to a social circle by sending your kids to a nursery.

Quality Time with Your Toddlers

As the old adage goes; absence makes the heart grow fonder! You will realize that you will actually be looking forward to picking up your little stars at the end of their nursery day. The separation gives you time to catch a breath and relax, so that you are more eager to spend time with them when you get to see them again. This can greatly benefit both the child and parent.

Children Get To Make Choices

Nurseries offer a wide array of activity choices to your kid, and they can select the ones that catch their fancy. Teachers are always on the lookout for children who wander aimlessly, without a clue as to how to enter other children’s play, and put in effort to include him in groups. Visit the site to learn more benefits of nursery schools.