The importance of fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are very important. There are many reasons why they are important to keep at home. Some of the reasons are:

  1. Risky situations: You don’t know when you will be tangled in a risky and difficult situations that would involve fire and burning. In such cases, there will be the presence of fire extinguishers that could save you, whether that fire extinguisher is water extinguisher or carbon dioxide extinguisher or foam extinguisher. A few drops of water or a small quantity of foam or CO2 can cease the fire and make the situation better. Many extinguishers halt the fire and keep some of the appliances undamaged.
  2. Small portion: Unlike giant computers and machines, a fire extinguisher needs a small portion of your room to place. It is height is more than width or breadth; therefore, you don’t need to worry about its placement. You can either hang it on the wall or keep it in the storeroom but do tell your kids or children in your house not to touch it. Besides, you can buy an extinguisher cabinet to place the fire-remover there to organize the storage. 
  3. Easy to Use: It is not a robotic science to use a fire extinguisher. You just have to pull the pin from the top of the extinguisher, push the nozzle and then lever to spray the water or CO2 or foam and move the device smoothly to eradicate fire. A few guidelines are enough to learn to use it or watch one or two videos once you buy it to learn to use it. 
  4. No hectic maintenance: Fire extinguishers do not require very tough maintenance. You just need to shake the content once in a month in powder extinguishers or determine if toxic are not made in other kinds of extinguishers. Hence, you can ask the shopkeeper or seller about maintenance as well but they would not give you a list of things you have to do with an extinguisher to keep it in the house safely. 
  5. Long-lasting: They would not get out-of-use or worn-torn. You can keep them at your place for years. However, there is the availability of disposable extinguishers, their lifespan is a year to fifteen months at least. Yet, you have to refill other extinguishers but they can be used or kept for years.

So, these are a few reasons why you should buy an extinguisher and keep them at storage. There are many fire extinguishers in Dubai which are a must-buy. They come with the facility of FM 200 fire suppression. So buy the extinguisher and make the lives safer.