The different kinds of braces available these days

Braces are removable or fixed dental appliances which can be used to correct many dental defects. The main purpose of braces is to provide you a perfect teeth alignment. Braces can either placed on front side or lower side of teeth; it depends on the nature of your treatment. Braces along with other dental tools can be used for jaw widening, jaw shipment or creating space between your teeth. These braces apply pressure on tooth which makes it move to the designed direction. To get dental braces in Abu Dhabi, you can search for best dental surgeon/orthodontist in city on internet or ask your friends around.

Different types of braces: With the new developments in dental surgery, many new tools have been invented to carry out dental treatments including braces. Now there are many kinds of braces, some of them are described below:

1: Metal braces: The most commonly used type of braces which are made up of metal brackets and stainless steel wires. These are best known for excellent results, economical price range and are best for people who are not allergic to metals.

2: Sapphire braces:
They are made up from pure mono-crystalline sapphire. They are highly translucent and strong. They can withstand having stains except for smoking or food stains. These braces are almost invisible because they are blended with the teeth very well. Due to these distinctive qualities, these are highly expensive from other braces.

3: Ceramic Braces:
These are made up of high tech glass composition which is very strong and capable of preventing teeth from food stains.

4: Silver braces:
It is very common style of braces used everywhere. However new bracket shapes and designs are introduced regularly. The new amendments in the design of these silver braces allow them to function more effectively and give more relaxation to the patients. Plus they are easy to decorate with different color pallets of elastic bands on them. You can also tell your desired shape & color to your doctor. Many people get these braces not for the treatment but for fashion purpose.

5: Invisible Braces:
These are highly recommended to the patients with severe malocclusion. It is a custom made model of braces which is prepared with the help of computer and is designed to fix perfectly on highly irregular teeth. These are fixed on front side of teeth and are barely noticeable. They might irritate a little more than regular braces in start.

6: Lingual Braces:
They are placed on back side of teeth. They are same as traditional silver or stainless steel braces the only difference is their placement that makes them invisible to other people.  Find out here now more information in this regard.