Mattress-Hunting Tips For Patients With Back Pain

Individuals experiencing back pain has a hard time catching up on sleep. Most of the time, these people have to deal with lack of snooze and the excruciating pain in their back. There mobility and motor skills suffers which can lead to decline of their health and well-being.

But there are ways that they help alleviate their pain and get the sleep and rest that they need – by finding the right mattress to sleep in. If you are hunting for a medical mattress in Dubai, here are some hunting hacks that can help you select the right mattress to support your ailing back.

  • Know the real cause of your back pain

The first thing that you need to do is to know what is causing your excruciating back pain. There can be a lot of factors that can cause chronic back pain but you should not speculate. It would be best to consult with a medical professional to determine the source. With this, they can recommend a proper treatment and also suggest the type of mattress that can help alleviate the pain.


  • Consider your body type

Apart from the cause, you also need to know your body type is. One of the reasons why people are experiencing back pain after a night’s sleep is because the mattress they are sleeping in is a not appropriate for their body type and weight. These factors should be taken into account so your body can have much needed support.


  • Do not let firmness fool you

One of the misconception of patients suffering from back pain is that having a firm mattress can alleviate the pain. But in the recent orthopedic studies conducted, patients who are sleeping in firm mattress achieve poor sleep quality. Instead these patients find comfort on medium-firm mattresses.


In this case, it would be best to ask a professional and do not mattresses without proper consultation, especially if you are dealing with a bad back.


  • Do not go for the cheap ones

Cheap mattresses may sound like a good catch but you need to watch out. These types of mattress might have some quality issues that can worsen your condition and might not be the best fit for your body type. Do not compromise your well-being over the expenses. It is best to get an expensive but quality mattress that can give you the body support that you need.


  • Go for a mattress test drive

Sometimes, the only way you can know of you picked the right mattress is by testing it out. Once you have your pick, spend a night sleeping on it and evaluate upon waking up. Based on your sleep quality and level of pain, you can determine if you get the right one.

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