Laying down your requirements before hiring a voice over service

You had a documentary planned for some time, and the production continues. This was a big project and you had thought about several options to choose from voice over for a documentary. Before you get into the stuff, it is important to know what should you look for. It is a fact that your requirements are important, as they’ll serve as a guideline for you to know what to do to find a suitable service. Also, you might need to look into things that may help you find the service that would work well for you. Before getting in touch with a voice over service, make sure that at least some part of the documentary is complete. Ideally, you would love to have the entire documentary in hand, but that’s alright. Sometimes, delays occur and that can cause some problems. However, since it is your documentary and you didn’t have it made from elsewhere, therefore you are required to find a voice over narration from a reputable company as soon as possible. Make sure to find voice over service and not some other random service. It will do your project a world of good. Before finalizing things, make sure to do the following:

Decide the gender

It is obvious that your documentary is precious to you like a treasure trove. But, have you decided yet whether the narration will be a male voice or a female one? Well, a fundamental question and yet so important, but it is often overlooked by clients which are a shame. Keep in mind that the narration of your documentary will either make it an instant hit or a complete flop. Pay great attention to it and play it over and over again to judge whether a male voice suit it more or a female one.

The pitch

Another important factor to look for is the overall pitch of the narration. Should be it fast or slow, it is for you to decide. However, the mood and speed of the documentary will give you a hint about the pitch of the narration. It can be fast, medium or even slow, but you must stick to the overall pitch and momentum of the documentary else you might have to do it all over again. Look at this now to learn more about the basics to look for before taking your documentary to a reputable voice over recording company nearby.