How to Select the Best Dog Groomer

Since your beloved “Fluffy” is the apple of your eye, you surely only want a competent person around when it comes to grooming her. Grooming a dog translates into plenty of meticulous handling, not to mention ensuring the safety of your pets around sharp and dangerous implements like electric clippers and scissors. Since you cannot trust your pooch to “just anybody”, how do you go about selecting the best pet grooming services to keep Fluffy clean and healthy?  Here are a few tips to help in your search:

  • Ask Around

Every dog emerging from a grooming salon is a walking advertisement and a testament to the expertise and proficiency of the groomer. Talk to your neighbors, friends and family members, your kennel manager, and your veterinarian about their experiences with various groomers they had used. If you spot a stylish dog on the street, don’t be shy; walk up to the owner and ask them where they got their pooch groomed from. You will find that proud pet parents love to flaunt their dogs. Be sure to ask them to provide you with the contact information of their groomer.

While some veterinary offices are not allowed to refer clients to groomers, don’t give up. Beat around the bush and ask questions such as if they have ever treated clipper abrasions or cuts from this particular groomer or if a certain groomer has received complaints from parents? This would help you avoid troublesome groomers.

  • Call Potential Groomers

Make a list of potential groomers that caught your interest, call them up, and ask them the following questions to analyze their level of proficiency: Did you apprentice with a professional groomer or attend a grooming school? Do you have much experience working with my dog breed? How much experience do you have when it comes to dog grooming? Have you garnered the membership of some professional grooming organization? Are you capable of putting poodle feet on any non-standard clip, such as a cocker? And the list goes on.

  • Ask For Proper Certification

A lot of areas necessitate that pet groomers are certified and licensed in tick/ flea applications. If there’s any such law in your state, it is important to ask the groomer to provide proofs of their certifications.

  • Be Patient

Be mindful of the fact that dog groomers are extremely busy most of the time. Even if they don’t have the time to answer all your questions right away, be respectful of their tight schedules and ask them to call you back with answers whenever they are free to talk. Imagine trying to give professional answers while fluff drying a pooch. The groomer isn’t the only one who needs to make a good impression. It goes both ways, so make sure that you develop a good rapport with the potential groomer. Read more to know about selecting the best groomer for your pooch.