Are Baby Walkers Good For Your Child?

Baby walkers are toys or tools which are used by babies who cannot walk on their own or are learning to walk. Babies usually at the age of 3 to 6 months are given a baby walker, so that they can learn walking on their own. They are used to teach babies how to walk. They have wheels installed which help them to move easily with less force. They also have a seat for the baby to sit. There are many baby walkers in Dubai which usually come along toys on them which keep the baby busy in playing. But these baby walkers require a lot of supervision when the baby is walking with it as they can cause many accidents which can injure the baby.

So there is a deep discussion going on the topics that if these baby walkers are safe to use for your baby. Many doctors and experts do not advice the parents to get a baby walker as it can lead to dangerous accidents and mishaps. These baby walkers increase the walking speed of the baby due to installed wheels, which causes accidents. They are unsteady on rough surfaces and the baby might fall due to it. They increase the height which can make many unreachable things like coffee, tea, within their reach and he/she might end up burning him/her self.

In order to promote your child’s development and to make them walk early, leave them on a clean and clear floor which is dirt and germ free, so that they can sit crawl and roll on their own. Whenever someone suggests you to get a baby walker for your child, think of other alternatives that would be helpful for your child. There are many kids outdoor play sets, which can improve the process of your child’s physical and mental development, in the market you can opt some from them but avoid buying a baby walker for your child. 

To provide a safe and playful environment try to make a germ free play area in the room, arrange different toys, baby seats, rocks and other baby supplies so that the baby can crawl and sit and develop his/her walking as well as interaction skills, rather than buying a walker and making things unsafe for him/her. Make sure that the baby is under proper supervision and is looked after properly.