5 Things That You Need To Bring On Your Engagement Shoot

Pre-nuptial and engagement photo shoot is an event itself. Couples would need to be prepared to ensure that the photos will come out as expected. Experienced wedding photographer in Tuscany provided a couple of tips and pointers that couples can follow to prepare for their upcoming engagement shoot:


  • Plan your outfits


If you already have a theme and concept in mind, then you can start scouting for some outfits you can use for the photo shoot. Whether it is for an indoor photo shoot or an outdoor photo event, be sure that your engagement ensembles are well-prepared – from the clothes to the accessory. Be sure to allot a few days to prepare the combination. If you have money to spare, hire a stylist to do this for you. If you cannot afford to get one, it would be best to get some inspiration from magazines so you can do some mix and matching. But don’t just do this for yourself. Be sure your partner’s outfits are well-prepared as well.


  • Bring makeup to refresh and retouch


This is important, especially if you don’t have a hair and makeup person with you. Bringing your own makeup kit to the set would help refresh your look. You don’t have to bring an awful lot of beauty stuff. Just be sure to bring the essentials with you to help keep you and your partner’s look outstanding and picture-ready at all times.


  • Bring some refreshments


Engagement photo shoots can take hours to shoot, depending on the level of difficulty of the concept. Be sure to pack some food and refreshments to keep your energy level up throughout the shoot. But there’s no need to bring the entire kitchen. Packing a few bite-size snacks can help keep you energize. And when you are energized, it will make the shoot easier and smooth.


  • Catch some shut eye


Expert Paris engagement photographers always advise their clients to get a much-needed rest a day before the shoot. Lack of sleep can be a factor for a long and tiring shoot. Not only that the subjects will look bleary in the photos, their energy level will be low and they easily get irritated. Get a complete sleep the night before so you and your partner can be refresh come morning.


  • List down your poses


It may seem like listing down your poses would be a little over the top but it is necessary for you and your partner to practice to help the shoot flow smoothly.