5 Pitfalls You Need To Avoid When Doing Yoga

Yoga is a very popular practice for wellness and fitness. Apart from helping the body achieve utmost flexibility and dexterity, it can also help Yoga practitioners to achieve a calm mind. But the effectiveness of yoga relies on how you do it.

If you are attending classes at a yoga studio in Dubai, be sure to avoid the following mishaps to achieve full success at Yoga:

  1. Keeping your shoes on

Yoga studios are designed in a way that student are free of some of their articles of clothing, particularly shoes. If you are a professed shoe lover, try to restrain yourself from wearing your lovely footwear inside the studio. Not only it will soiled the studio, but it can perceived as a form of disrespect to students and the instructors. Be sure to leave your shoes on the locker room before entering the studio.

  1. Allowing distractions

When you are doing yoga, it is imperative that you leave all things that can distract you while you are doing the exercises. You need to keep in mind that one of purpose of doing yoga is to help you find your focus and your center. If your phone keeps on beeping while you are doing your poses, you are not only causing distraction to yourself, but to others as well. Be sure to leave all gadget on your locker before starting your yoga exercises.

  1. Not connecting with fellow students

Although yoga promotes personal space, it is also important that you connect with the environment, including your fellow students. Be sure to spend some time to connect with them as well. Try to talk to them after class and share some fitness ideas with them. You and your fellow yoga practitioners can go for a coffee after the class to bond.

  1. Not managing your expectations

Yoga is a great wellness activity, but you will not reap its benefits unless you do it consistently. You need to make sure that you manage your expectations, know the limitations of this activity and set your goal. Once you are able to do all this, it would be easier for you to focus on your poses as you already have the perfect mindset for it.

  • Bringing attention to yourself

For first-timers, it can be hard to contain your sighs and hardship while doing the poses. But try to do keep it down a bit. This would only bring attention to yourself, but not in the good way.

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