Steps to Register Your Business in Ajman

Are you looking to glean an rak offshore company formation? If so, here are a few steps to simplify the process for you:

Basic Requirements

  • For dubai silicon oasis company setup, it is essential that you apply for and attain an operating trade license.
  • No matter how small it is, you need to have a functional office located inside the trade zone. If you are short on cash, you can consider renting in an eligible building, which could provide certain amenities to you. You have a wide array of options, ranging from small office and desk spaces to even warehouses.
  • You are not required to appoint a resident manager or a director. Owners are not required to be UAE citizens to operate business in the Ajman free zone.

Your Decision Points

  • You need to determine how many resident visas you are eligible for.
  • You need to be accountable for your precise business activity, in order to apply for the operating license with ease.
  • Your office size matters more than you know, and is the major deciding factor when it comes to the number of visas you are eligible for. Only 2 visas are granted to the smallest size offices, while you need multiple visas for bigger offices.

What You Receive When Your Company is Formed

  • You can get resident visas in UAE
  • An office
  • You are given a trade license, which permits you to do business in any activity of your choice.

Other Registration Requirements

  • A suffix of FZC is needed for multiple shareholder companies.
  • A suffix of FZE is sufficient for a single shareholder company.
  • US $ 50,000 is the minimum shareholder capitol. At the time of registration, you are not required to show this in your bank account.
  • Branches of mainland local companies and foreign companies, and partly or fully owned subsidiaries are also permitted.

How to Form a Company for Individual Owners

  • A business plan is needed for a consulting or service license. This needs include special services, finances, markets, and products.
  • A passport copy of the owner suffices when starting the process.
  • You need to confirm if the activity you want to include in your business is permitted to be licensed or needs special approvals.
  • Industrial licenses require safety and environmental data and detailed process description.
  • A legal ‘Manager’ will have to be nominated for your business.
  • You need to get your business name approved by filling an application.